Is your business running you, or are you running your business?

About Us


Our Approach


Most small businesses start off unable to afford to hire an in-house employee to handle the administrative needs of owning a business.  This causes many small business owners to lose their focus on what got them excited about owning a business in the first place.  You get weighed down handling the administrative requirements.  Save your small business the cost of paying salaries, taxes, and employee benefits by having our company handle your bookkeeping, human resource needs, and payroll needs.  With Office Admin Wizards, you pay only for the hours and services you need!   


Our Experience

 With over 40 years combined experience in small business operations, and certifications in payroll, human resources, and payments, Kim & Scott are so excited to place their focus on helping your small business thrive- without the worry of the administrative work.


Why Us?

Office Admin Wizards understands that every business owner has their own style and values.  We take the time to get to know our clients and their business, so that we can take a well rounded approach to being their business partner.  As a true business partner, we want to work with you to help you grow, maintain and strengthen your business.