Is your business running you, or are you running your business?

frequently asked questions


But my receipts and papers are all in a giant pile, where do I begin?

This is our specialty!  We love being the detective that sorts through your mess and organizes your files, so you are ready for your CPA or any audits that could potentially come your way!  By using our services, you don't have to pay your CPA's rates to organize your mess and figure it out.


But I can't afford another monthly contract minimum.... or pay someone full time... what can I do?

This is the reason why you need Office Admin Wizards- we give you the services you need, and you only pay for the hours it takes to be completed.  This saves you the employee salary, employer taxes, benefit costs, etc.  


I am just starting my business, where do I begin?

With 40+ years of small business experience, we can help you get set up, make sure you are compliant with HR and Payroll Laws, and help you get your bookkeeping set up so that your CPA will have minimal work to do for your tax filings!  We want to be your business partner!